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Pre-order you hardcopy of D-Passion's new album
Pre-order you hardcopy of D-Passion's new album Prepare to step up. D-Passion bringing the rage, Comin' Through Raw! Nothing will stand in the way of these beats, this is hardcore without limits. No borders, no rules, just powerful kicks and fresh hooks. An album full!

D-Passion's Comin' Through Raw is an album for the freaks, the die-hards, the guys and girls who dance 'til early in the morning. The hardcore massive!

Limited Edition Compact Disc. Comes in a astonishing Digipack with artwork by Designificance.

In pre-order now ! (Shipment date: 14.12.2015)
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Promo - Analog Mind in Digital World
Promo - Analog Mind in Digital World Taking the warmth of analog and the cool that is underground influence, Promo presents: Analog mind in a digital world! Coming loud as thunder, Promo set forth and multiplied his determination by a legion. Get those drums banging!

The digital world is littered with cracks and corners hiding true gems of sound. And these tracks lay the path to discover. So turn up the volume... That's it, a little higher. Does it say MAX yet? There you go. Now dig in deep and discover Promo's digital world for yourself!

Bigger than the alphabet, `Analog mind in a digital world' by Promo comes packed featuring 32 full-length tracks. The album is available as a limited 2CD package.

Pre-order it now and be the first one to have it!
Shipment date: 29.06.2015
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Pre-Order Your Hardshock Compilation!
Pre-Order Your Hardshock Compilation! Your passion for the diversity of Hardcore conveyed in a dynamic 2 CD compilation. An uplifting atmosphere, a euphoric experience, a collection of the most ruthless beats that speak to the soul of the true Hardcore lover - that's this year's incredible Hardshock Festival 2 CD compilation mixed by Ruffneck and Chrono.

No matter your poison; Hardcore, Industrial, Frenchcore, Terror or Crossbreed - it's all been injected into this must-have for the festival season! Keeping it real with a wide variety of only the most supreme beats, we have the legendary Ruffneck mixing CD 1. Do you have the desire to get your heart pumpin' and your feet movin'?! Good! We have Chrono mixing CD 2 for you up-tempo loving partygoer's.


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HERESY T-SHIRT Souls needed! This exclusive Heresy T-shirt comes in pure black heavy cotton fabric, printed on both sides with Sinners + Saints artwork. Are you with us or against us? The Heresy t-shirt is available in sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL and 3XL.

Pre-order now ! Shipment mid-March.
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HARDSHOCK 2014 COMPILATION Hardshock Festival delivers a 2CD compilation!
Especially for most devoted hardcore music lovers, will come this year an exclusive Hardshock Festival 2CD compilation.

Carefully compiled and mixed by no one else than Ophidian & D-Passion and Sandy Warez, this CD will represent a variety of styles you can also expect at the festival, taking place on 19.04.14, incl. Hardcore, Industrial, Frenchcore, Terror and Crossbreed.

Shipment date: 14.03.14
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