Taking the warmth of analog and the cool that is underground influence, Promo presents: Analog mind in a digital world! Coming loud as thunder, Promo set forth and multiplied his determination by a legion. Get those drums banging! The digital world is littered with cracks and corners hiding true gems of sound. And these tracks lay the path to discover. So turn up the volume... That's it, a little higher. Does it say MAX yet?...
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The Style continues with its fifth chapter bringing True Promo elements. A triple track solid delivering 'Eradicate', 'True Tones' and the smashing D-Passion remix of 'Fuck them followers'! As featured on the True Tones album, this sneak peak release delivers a selection of tracks destined to rock dance floors. 'Eradicate' serves an almost groove hardcore beat building up to...
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Rock that! The fourth pack of Promo Style tracks drops a trilogy of sound. The title track has only been on DJ-set rotation for a short while, but already made its way into collective hardcore memory. Catch on to the vocals, act crazy on the distorted beats or pause/play your energy during the break, 'Rock that' is a definition of state of the art hardcore. Together with D-Passion, Promo grabbed hold of analogue...
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After the positive reception of the first Styles, the two tracker " Promo - Style #003" carries forward the success. Dedicated fans already got the chance to listen to a sneak preview on the official Promo youtube channel and while the comments were promising for the first track "Spineless", the second track "Rhythm Flow" results in an awesome production as you'd expect from this top producer with...
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After receiving lots of positive feedback for the first release on his recent 'Style' label, Promo continues his flow with another smasher. This second EP includes 2 tracks each with a distinct character; 'So Sick' begins with a divine voice which will lead you into reverie. Followed by grungy elements and distorted bass drums this song is undoubtedly sick! For an instant switch mood,'Like we used to...
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Promo continues his legendary course introducing the first element of a whole new era: Promo Style #001. This release features 2 tracks with Promo's dedicated hardcore feel: With 'Tunnel vision' you relive the classic file vibe while 'I kept the faith' walks down a darker path and reflex Promo 's rougher side. You may think you recognize the sound, but don't be fooled! This two tracker...
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